Cap, Fic, RP, Xmas Tree, and Cards

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I updated Capriccio with 33 holiday songs. Check it out if interested.

I wrote that fic I talked about and submitted it today.

I enjoyed rping with Jen with our original boys going out to get drunk in Trafalgar Square area.

I started a new RP couple days ago with Misty, taking place in Suikoden 2, with me playing Flik. This is the person time I’m rping with characters that I hadn’t originally created. Feels refreshingly different.

I helped Sarah set up her Christmas Tree. The last time I set up any Christmas tree was …I dunno 10 years ago?

Oh and I finished with my batch of Christmas cards; they are ready to be mailed out…minus the stamp part.

That is what I did non-school/work wise this weekend. I surprisingly got a lot done.


  1. Whoa, that’s a lot done indeed! You’re very productive! =D

  2. Thank you! I am feeling somewhat better, but I’m still on the meds.

  3. Always good to get a lot done. Now I’m trying to figure out whether you have or will be getting a Wii :D

  4. lol, suikoden ftw.

    what did you think of ffxii?

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