French Manicured Away!

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The past few days been quite stressful. Saturday was when my history midterm occurred. The take home essay part nearly killed me because the essay prompt confused me till about two in the morning on Saturday, seven hours before class started. x_x;;

Then I got myself looped into getting eFiction to work for Scarred (many thanks to Belinda!) which was a BAD idea considering I had two essays I needed to write by tonight.

In between trying to do my essays, work on Scarred, I was also RPing, which was fun, don’t get me wrong. And that fanfic that’s supposed to be due on November 30 was bugging me, too (which got extended, thank goodness).

Simply put, I just got myself involved in wayyyyyy too many things. After I finished my two English essays, which I ended up completing at the computer lab because of too much distractions at home, both computer and non-computer related, I went to Dragon Hill’s Clippers and got my nails before class. I got a French manicure, one of the few feminine things I like to do once in a while. Getting that done, I felt so relieved and relaxed. GUH. I guess with manicure, the “cure” part works!

Unfortunately my reprieve won’t last long. In three more weeks, I shall go through the whole stressful cycle again for my final exams!


  1. Congralutations on finishing the first round of exams!! Celebrate by procrastinating for two whole days!…then going back to studies =__=

    I went out some night last week and on the drinks menu I saw Fuzzy Navel and I thought of YOOOOU! I was going to get it so I could share a fascinating story with you but then I chickened out and went with the non-alco drink :P

  2. ahhhhh frenchnails! nothing better than pampering yourself once in a while. i wish i can have french nails though… but can’t do it at work. oh wells.
    all the best in your uni stuff!

  3. Ah thank goodness for computer labs, I’d hardly get anything done without them either. And definitely you deserved the manicure after all that work. Makes me want to run off and get one now! :)

  4. Popp's Lover on

    my love!! Thanks for the talk yesterday! It was niceee hearing your sexy sexy sexy voice!! I finished my essay after we hung up so yeah.. =) I still dont kno what to do about S.. but I’m still thinkin~ bwhahahaha.. miss you~ love you!! 12 more days!!!

  5. I think I’m going to get myself a manicure now! Maybe my toenails. ;)

  6. Wow. I hear ya on getting into TOO much. I think we all do this.. all the time. No fun! Good luck with final exams and papers.. and know you are not alone.

    My first visit here.. I really like your cute layout. very relaxing ;)

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