Suikoden V’s Fanlisting & Midterms Week of Doom

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I am happy to say that I’ve adopted and finished the Suikoden V fanlisting.

Now that I got one of the projects out of the way… onto to my next one on the huge list mostly consisting of school stuff:

* Essay portion of my History midterm by November 25th, along with studying for the actual midterm exam.
* Write, NO, BULLSHITE through two essays by November 27th for my English class.
* Finish a fanfic written by November 30th.
* Get Christmas cards ready to send out.
* Work on the Capriccio annual specialty.
* Work on two term papers of doom for my History and English class before the term ends on December 23rd.
* And many others that I cannot think of!

I. Hate. Midterms. Week.



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  3. jeez girl, you got alot to do! I think you can do it though. The way I tackle tasks like that is to do a little bit of one and then a little bit of another, and keep jumping around like that (why, well because I get bored easily)!

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