Praxis’ Rebirth and Suikoden 5

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Unexpected Surprises
I feel like I’ve been reunited with a lover who’s been gone from me for more than a decade. This utter feeling of jubilation cannot be described in mere words. Came back home just now, thinking nothing of the computer being fixed since Daddy told me that it wouldn’t be able to fixed by today. I didn’t really think much of the loss since I could just use my daddy’s computer since he hooked up the internet by the craptastic wireless router. So I had something to back up on.

When I walked in, my mum told me to go wash my hands. (Don’t ask…) I told her that I was going to clean Grumpy’s cage, so I could wash my hands after that. After she told me that she’d do it tomorrow, she told me to go wash my hands and then go on the computer since it’s fixed. The way my face and my whole disposition lighted up was such a Kodak moment. I literally ran to my dad and asked him what the deal was.

He said that he asked someone else (the original person he was going to ask was out of town) to fix it, and they put in a new CPU and cleaned the fan real good. After that, I ran to the computer and got on. Oh, man, being reunited to Praxis is such a joy. My music! My internet! My life!

Accomplished Gamer
Meant to write about this yesterday, but I forgot. I finally beat Suikoden 5 after less than three weeks of playing it. One of the best 70+ hours ever! Here’s a brief review of it~

The Goods
* Excellent storyline. Very captivating and complex. Filled with unexpected twists for people who didn’t spoil themselves, that is.

* Great characters and character development. Getting all 108 characters was a fun chore! And the reasons for recruiting them were developed compared to the previous games. Even the antagonists are likeable to an extent since their reasons to be “bad” makes plenty of sense.

* The character designs were awesome too. Gotta have my pretty boys!

* The soundtrack rocked. Suikoden 3’s music didn’t do anything for me compared to 1 and 2, but 5’s was up there with the first two games’ soundtracks! Lots of emotional pieces and themes fit the game very well.

* The returning characters makes a Suikoden fan go squee. Like Georg Prime, Killey, Viki, Jeane, Lorelai, and even cameos from Milich Oppenheimer! Oh, man. That’s what I love about the Suikoden series the best: how it’s set in the same universe, but at different time periods.

* The original six-party members battle system is back after it’s craptastic “paired” six-party member thing in 3’s and three or four party members in 4’s. If it’s not fixed, don’t break it!

* The New Game+ feature! Money and party skill points and among other things transfer over to the new game.

* The ability to have four entourage members. That means, if they stick a character in who I don’t want to use for fighting, I have plenty of room to shove them in the entourage instead of being forced to use them!

The So-So’s
* The towns were way too big. I mean, that gives the game a more realistic feel, but just a bit too big.

* The ability to dash really fast happens in New Game+ or when a character with the Godspeed Rune is in your party.

* The one-on-one duels being timed. Gak! Timed things are not my favourite stuff!

The Uglies
* Loading times were a bitch in the game…but I somehow had patience for that, and it wasn’t too horrible. x_x;;

* The war battles. Hate real-time battles, hate how there’s so many freaking units to move around on both land and water, and hate how it took forever to beat one.

* I had a vendetta against the final boss. It took me about ten times to finally beat it. Part of it was my fault for not choosing a good party. >_< ;; But after I chose a proper party, I beat it... at 3 in the morning. x_x;; But seriously, it was effing annoying! * Salum Barows. Cannot stand that pompous SOB. Along with Lu. GRAGH! Conclusion
Great game, worth my forty bucks, and it redeems itself after the release of three and four. ^_^ Highly recommended for any RPG fans.


  1. I quite playing suikoden 3 after half an hour because the load times were absolutely awful. Haven’t played that or any other suikoden since.

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