Praxis’ Fan Kaput

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I guess my small ass computer fan decided to die within the last couple days. I guess it couldn’t handle my multi-tasking skills anymore. *sighs* Whenever we turn it on now, it will automatically shut down, and then it’s turned back on, it displays a message saying that the computer is overheated and blah blah blah.

BAH! Thank goodness for cheap ass PC Bangs (literally means, PC Room) existing in my neighbourhood. Good thing I backed up all my stuff yesterday onto my external hardrive, Slanty. Although in the process then, it proceeded to shut down couple times… But at least my files, especially my mp3s and manga scanlations, are safe. Hopefully. Unfortunately, Daddy says it won’t get fixed till by Tuesday at the earliest, since Monday is a holiday for most of the base. BAH!

Daddy found the laptop (that I thought he got rid of) and tried hooking that up. But due to it being Windows 2000 and other technical issues, the internet would not hook up. *cries*

God, it feels strange being in a PC Bang. I think the last time I was in one was in 2003 or 2004. Am surrounded by die-hard computer gamers. Feel so out of place. I can’t wait till my computer gets fixed. I miss the comfort! …At least I can check my email at work…but I can’t check a lot of sites I peruse due to it being blocked!

Praxis…you have failed me. At least the fan did.


  1. You…you named your external hard drive ‘Slanty’? XD I love it!

    Sorry to hear about your comp, however a change of scenery is always nice! (sometimes…) Going to an internet cafe (as i assume that’s what you mean when you say ‘PC Bang’) makes me feel like I’ve, I don’t know, moved or something, it’s kind of exciting! …sort of.

    Anyway! Tuesday isn’t too far!

  2. Your computer system just needed a new fan. Actually remember one time when I came to check up on it (I think that was the time also when I set up your hard drive) that the fan would go run fast after a certain point. That was already a “symptom.” Anyway, with the kind of computer case you have, and the fact that it’s a branded computer, as much as I would have wanted to touch it and suggest that you get a bigger fan, I can’t do anything. Also, I think it’s a computer your dad got from the Army?

    I don’t know if your processor totally fried, but the solution to that is get a bigger CPU fan and put more fans on your casing.

    D had the same problem over the summer, and we did get a bigger fan, but we couldn’t fit it in his computer case because it’s so small!

    With all your multitasking and what not, computer games too and whatever else you are doing, you will need one of those Thermaltake Volcano or Zalman CPU fans. Cheapest one is around $40.

  3. haha. clearly you cannot go without internet, and I’m sure I would do exactly the same thing in your position.

  4. ahh. computers always make you believe nothing will ever happen to them. Until something does! I’m sorry you have to be out of your element to use a pc. I hate that! In my most recent pc adventure, both my and my grandma’s pc died at the same time! ahhhh. You’ll have it back soon enough though – yay for it not being completely dead!

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