Halloween Aftermath

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My Halloween went well! I wore my Slytherin costume that I’ve been dying to wear for a month and a half. I wore it to SAHS and had some very interesting reactions. Here are some paraphrase of the quotes of what some people said:

“Oh, Nuna, are you graduating?” (Nuna is what younger guys call older girls in Korean…)

“Dang, Ms. TC, you’re out of control! The only thing you don’t have is the lightning bolt scar!”
Me: I’m not Harry Potter!!!!

“What’s the occasion?”

“Are you Hermione?”

“Dang, you even got a wand! Watch out or she’s going to Avada Kedavra you!”

“That’s a neat jacket! Where’d you get it?”
Me: Online, and it’s NOT a jacket! It’s a robe!

It was interesting…some people, I guess, thought I was wearing a long coat or something. Other people completely forgot it was Halloween. And then other people thought I was a Gryffindor. *crash* I’m wearing, GREEN!!! Not RED! *ahem*

I met Sarah after school, and OMG, her pirate’s outfit ruled! I want a coat like hers now and just wear it like a winter coat. We met up with Ahmi later and then headed to Bless U and had a few drinks. :3

It did feel weird that I was the only one in costume at SAHS though…oh well! In a way, it was refreshing to do something “different” amongst others. I mean… I was voted “Most Unique” four sodding years in a row…may as well live up to that claim, eh? XD

Seriously, I adored wearing that. I want to wear that robe more. Maybe I will! I think for next year, I shall get a pirate’s outfit made. With that, I can alternate between my Slytherin costume and pirate’s costume every Halloween now! Ah…

Here are two pictures of me in my costume:

Picture 1
Picture 2

And I’m just looking off to the side for no apparent reasons. It was intentional.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Hahaha. Those quotes are funny ^____^ Loving the costume! :D

  2. Oooh, cool outfit! Did you get everything with it or just the scarf & cloak?
    I’ve never actually wore a costume before *__*

  3. Your costume looks great! You look cute in it =D

  4. ahaha! how cool, maybe you’ll land a spot in the next harry potter flick.

  5. Those quotes are awesome. Makes for great memories, too. You can be the alternative-universe Harry Potter. You know, if Harry landed in Slytherin, and Draco was the Gryffindor.

  6. ah. nice costume! glad to see you were in a nice halloween spirit. i didn’t feel very halloweenish this year. and yes now the aftermath.

    thanksgiving around the corner for us in america.

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