Suiko & Tales

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Before I go on with the main point of this entry, here’s a link on what Golden Cadillac is made of.

Anways, I’m in video gaming mode… let’s see how much I can play once classes starts up next Monday. *sighs*

Last night, I started to play Suikoden 5. So far, my impression of the gameplay is: WAY BETTER THAN 3! As for the storyline, D’oh, I already spoiled myself a bit, but I’m still playing. Woot woot! Will write a more coherent review after I get more gameplay under my belt.

Today, Sarah and I stopped by the PX. I saw Tales of Abyss for PlayStation 2, and I squealed in shock and delight in my head. Shocked that the PX actually had a good game choice and delighted that PX actually decided to stock it! So must play that one day as well! Hope it’s as good as Symphonia. Sarah was happy and purchased Baiten Kaitos Origins…both of us are happy XD.

…Sorta. Now I owe my dad $40 bucks when I get paid next time. Yay for me… I need money, like, badly. I only have $68 bucks in my account. Damn classes for being so expensive! I hate being a poor college student! I can’t wait till I don’t have to pay for a class for a VERY long time!


  1. Dark Maylee on

    I’m in a gaming mode too. Sort of. I haven’t found much time to play, I’ve just been craving it really badly. Ahhh! Twilight Princess!

  2. What kind of games are those?

  3. whoa, the GC looks good. *wants to try*

    Dude, I feel ya on the gaming. I just bought the latest .hack and I’m /still/ paying my parents back for Advent Children. Because I was a retard and bought the SUPER DUPER edition :p Ah, well, the swag is cool so it’s worth it, right?

  4. I hate paying for college too!! It’s so tough! Glad you’re getting a bit of a cash flow coming in soon though.

  5. I’ve seriously never known anyone to be such a games fanatic as you!

  6. Thanh Nado on

    If 5 is better than 3, what’s 4? :D

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