Final Week

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I always hate this time of the term… the last week of school is always so stressful. It doesn’t help that I have a group project due on Thursday for my business writing class. Have I mentioned I hate business writing, and I hate group work? ARGH!

Our group project is to write a business report… and I chose the topic for my group: Comparing and Contrasting Wii and PS3. Har har har… that’s as far as my business skills goes. Although after doing the research, the Wii is very tempting… the Wii-mote is awesome! PS3 is just way to expensive… although I may consider buying for Suikoden or Tales of …. Those are the only two game series I really give a rat ass for. I am not sure about Final Fantasy anymore…

Anyways, along with the group project, I have a take home final exam essay for my Modern Novel class and my research paper, at least six pages long, about how Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut is a Modern Novel. All due by Saturday. ARGH!

…Shoot me now. I am so gonna go to Bless U on Saturday when this is all done with.


  1. Dark Maylee on

    *shoots* Only the final week left!
    I can’t wait for the Wii. It looks like an embarrassing thing to play though because of how much you have to move. Time to save up my money again.

  2. Go Wii! I’m totally for it; it looks so fun XD I agree that the PS3 is too expensive. I thought all consoles make their money from games anyway, so I don’t understand the pricing of $600 for a PS3.

    And, good luck with your project and essay!

  3. all the best for school!!!! dont worry… if it’s the last week of the term, then there will always be the holidays to look forward to! :)
    i think i’m better off with a ps2, since i’m such a newbie!! hahaha!!

  4. Group wok. Never a good idea.

    Hope the week goes as well as it can, and then you’re (semi-)free!

  5. Thanh Nado on

    Wii FTW!!!

  6. ahh, sorry i don’t know WHAT you’re talking about – i’m bad with acronyms and the like. GOod luck on the project though. I remember reading slaughterhouse-five…barely lolol!

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