Friday the 13th, 2006

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…Will always be remembered as the day I tried to start a new fashion fad and failed miserably. XD

The fad happened to be where a long piece of masking tape was across my right knee on top of my jeans. I personally thought it was very nifty. It’s a shame other people decided to be so boring and not catch on to my new movement of masking tape!

Okay, enough. The real story is that I did endure Friday the 13th’s bad luck syndrome. By any chance, I am not superstitious. However, today of all days, I walked too close to the edge of sidewalk, did not see the grassy area go lower, stepped onto that dip where my ankle wasn’t ready for it, and crashed into the ground. By doing that, I spilled my Starbucks’ Lukewarm Chocolate on my hand, ripped a whole in my jeans, and scraped my knee like a third grader with blood and all.

After getting it cleaned with rubbing alcohol (OW!), I went to the nurse and got some ointment on it with those clothy things taped to my injury. To prevent the hole from growing, that’s where the masking tape came in.

Surprisingly enough, nobody commented on the strangeness of my pants unless I joked about it. Weird. I guess they thought I put tape on myself on purpose…

But who knows… maybe I will start doing that and make it a trend. XD It didn’t look bad to me!


  1. morningstar4 on

    OUCH!!! I hate when stuff like that happens. I’m glad you’re okay though.

  2. Popp's Lover on

    I bet you looked dead sexy with the masking tape on your pants! =) Next time you should try covering it with YOUR BABIES!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Wow, sounds like you had a very eventful Friday 13th. Hope you’re OK now. Don’t worry, I’m sure all those bad incidences were just a coincidence :)

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