Riff Me Away!

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I had to sub for the guitar teacher today, and she left behind a Guitar method DVD to show to her classes. In just five minutes, I learned how to understand basic tablatures.

Today, I actually played a guitar for once instead of just picking at the strings or strumming nonsense. XD I can play this one riff, name is beyond me at the moment, and it’s awesome.

Then a student gave me this sheet on how to play actual notes, and I think I figured out the E-string now.

Now I just need to find a guitar that is freaking smaller than the dreadnought, like the Constantina size or something. And I NEED calluses. Oh and must cut my nails. XD

So with this proclaimation, I can now play the following instruments to a certain degree:

* Piano
* All the saxophones minus baritone sax.
* Trumpet and baritone (where I can play four notes each!!!)
* Guitar
* Some percussion instruments

…Must add more to my “repertoire!”


  1. Hey that’s a pretty good repertoire there. I’m not so much on the guitar front.

  2. That is really, really cool. The main problem I have with guitar are the calluses – I DON’T WANT NO CALLUSES ON MY DAINTY FINGERS!! Guitar is such a fantastic instrument to learn because it’s a stand-alone, you can take it anywhere (a piano or even a keyboard is not so moveable) and there are a whole range of types of sounds you can produce with it. Try it sitar style! ;D

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