Mad Sleepover

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Am at Sarah’s house, recovering from last night and this morning.

Sarah, Ahmi, and I decided to combine their birthdays by having a sleepover at Sarah’s place. Last night, while drinking various forms of alcohol and ordering pizzas from “Mr. Pizza,” we watched Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and Team America. Very interesting experience with TA. HK is awesome for drinking. At one point, we tried to do shots with Apfel Korn each time the characters said “White Castle.” We gave up halfway through the movie. XD

After the movies, we stayed up till five playing Mario DDR, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Brothers Melee on the Gamecube. That was freaking wild and fun. ^_^ Movies and Games… with alcohol… awesome combination.

We crashed at five and now Ahmi is watching TV while I did my net stuff. :3 I wish we could relive last night! We were wishing last night would never end… so fun!


  1. Popp's Lover on

    sounds like you had fun.. I wish I was there.. >.

  2. Lan-Anh on

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time- I love H&K!

  3. Coronet on

    His name begins with a “D” and ends with an “enis” hahaha. XD Glad to hear you had fun at your sleepover!

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