Brokeback Mountain

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I finally got off my arse and watched Brokeback Mountain with Ahmi today. Here are the usual goods, bads, and the uglies.

The Goods
* Jake Gyllenhaal. GUH. And I like to SAY that I fell in love with him way before freakin’ BM and Day After Tomorrow came out. I liked him back in 1999 when October Sky came out in theatres. He rocked my boat since then. XD Oh such a hottie… minus the moustache.

* The cinematography was gorgeous. Makes me actually want to go hiking up in areas like that now… although I’d have to be really convinced to do so!

* Come on, I like gay men. XD Plain and simple.

* When Jack took Ennis’ shirt… can we say, “AWWW?!”

The Bads
* Heath Ledger… I do not find him handsome at all. I like Jake all the way.

* Lureen’s character seemed so bland as opposed to Alma’s characterisation. Lureen just striked me as a woman who sure as heck liked to primped herself way up with way too much make-up and weird hairstyles.

* The overall movie was a bit on the slow side for me…especially the beginning where I yelled at the TV for someone to talk!

The Uglies
* Ennis as a whole. What a prick. The way he treated EVERYBODY in the movie ticked me off. Why couldn’t he DIE?!

Great movie as a whole, but not the best movie and certainly not the best homosexual film out there.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    BM, artistically, was pretty good. I think Ang Lee carried it out very well. Otherwise, overall, I think it was an okay movie. I’m glad you finally got a chance to see it though! :)

  2. Dark Maylee on

    Lureen smacked her lips a lot. I didn’t see the entire movie, just about halfway to the end. It was an all right movie, I didn’t particularly love it.

  3. Lan-Anh on

    I’ve been meaning to watch that film for ages- thanks for the v useful review. I always find the reviews in newspapers to be a bit biased & unreliable.

  4. Haha my comments always come years later.


    I actually thought that this movie was boring, I kept almost falling asleep at points of the movie.. yes the movie was good to a point, but it could have been better.

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