200 and 2.3

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Hahahahaha! Magic number today.

Dreamhost upgraded everyone’s hosting package again. For the one I’m on, Crazy Domain Insane, it’s now 200 GIGABYTES of space and 2 TERABYTES of bandwidth. The occasion? Their ninth anniversary.

…So now that I means I have 200 gigs of space and 2.3 tera of bandwidth. What the heck am I gonna use all that space and bandwidth for?! Either they are generous bunch of folks or insane bunches, man.

Now I just hope there is no more network issues they’ve been having the last couple of months. I’m not really bothered by it for some reasons… I guess I understand network and hardware failures that occurs without a choice.

*sings* Oh Happy Day… XD


  1. That’s great! Fantastic! Great and fantastic! Now you can host me! ;P

    Hm, do you think they upped everyone’s space and bandwidth to keep you all quiet about these network issues?!

  2. Thanh Nado on

    That’s one crazy host. There’s no way they’d be making money if you use up all that space and/or bandwidth

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen terabyte and bandwidth in the same sentence for a hosting package before (much less 2!). Then again, you do have the Crazy Domain Insane package! :D

  4. Lan-Anh on

    Wow, that’s a fantastic deal! I don’t pay for my domain hosting at the moment but if you do ever hear of super cheap deals for domain registration please let me know!

  5. Dark Maylee on

    I think they’re insane, man. That’s a hell of a lot of space.

  6. Coronet on

    I really am not too sure how they intend to host people who actually USE that limit up. It’s pretty misleading since no one (unless they’re hosting something illegal) will be able to meet their new limits.

  7. wow… all that space…. what’d you going to do? hahahaha!

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