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If you are a member, you can see my Facebook here.

Can I say it’s very addicting? I have no clue why… it’s more addicting for me than Myspace ever is. Then again… with Facebook not being freely customisable with people putting junk of a CSS and Javascript all over the place doesn’t lag my computer like some Myspace’s profiles do!

Seriously though, it’s just addicting. AGH! Must get away from that place!

I am glad though that Facebook opened it up for people who ARE in college but since some people’s college are STUPID, they don’t provide an email address to their students just because they are NOT at the main campus! Anyways. Ahem.

… It’s addicting.


  1. I just signed up. But I can’t really find anyone I know there. But the interface is nice and clean! :)

  2. Britani on

    God, some people’s myspace profiles drive me up the fucking wall. Or shut down my computer. Which also drives me up the fucking wall.

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