Hiffy & Term II Schedule

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Hiffy… my new word of the day.

A combination of “hissy” and “huffy.” Was talking to my current English professor, and the word just came out that way. My strange ways of creating new words… I guess that’s why my forte is creative writing!

Amazingly enough, Term II schedule for UMUC Asia Division is already out. o_O Someone must be doing a craptastic job to bring it out this early. XD I’m not complaining though.

So far these are the face-to-face classes I am considering:

* Mon/Wed night: ENGL 240 – Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
* Mon/Wed night: PSYC 355 – Child Psychology (backup)
* Saturday all day: HIST 157 – History of the United States Since 1865

For DE (distance education), I am thinking about:

* JAPN 105 – Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture
* PSYC 355 – Child Psychology

DECISION. ARGH! If I want to utterly kill myself, I can do ENGL 240, HIST 157, and JAPN 105. Another way to utterly kill myself is to take ENGL 240, JAPN 105, and PSYC 355 online.

… However, I only have room for 4-credits lower-level elective class, and all of them are 3-credits. If I take both HIST 157 and JAPN 105, one of them will not be counted fully. I have room for upper-level electives…hence the damn PSCY 355. However, that all depends on the damn syllabus…provided the teacher posts it!

Another thing to keep in mind? Face-to-face session runs from October 30 to December 23. Online session runs from November 6 to February 4.

*sighs and dies* Who’d have known that choosing classes to complete your degree would be this complicated?!


  1. Thanh Nado on

    Go online! Online!

  2. whoaaaaa! those are some interesting classes. learning a language via distance education sounds tough.

  3. Popp's Lover on

    I say… dont take any class and just have fun with me! MWAHHHHHHHHH!! HAHAHHAHAHA… no actually the classes I would take is the Japanese, and child psychology. It’ll be good for you to learn about children since yah kno.. you have like 436435234523 of them.. HAHAHHAHAA!! And History will be fun. I already took that class and I liked it.. but yeah.. 2 more months my love! saranghae!

  4. Lan-Anh on

    Wow, just reading your course list gave me a headache- so many varied subjects! Good luck :)

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