Oktober Fest

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Now that I’ve reached the legal age since January, I decided to finally attend the so-called “Oktober Fest” at Dragon Hill Lodge, a hotel on base.

Aside from the nasty beer, and the repetitive choice of sausages and potatoes for food, it was quite fun! The best part was the dessert and this one drink. The apple pie-thingamagie with this cream thingie was yummy. Sarah’s German chocolate torte was absolutely delicious. Also, the Apfel Korn liquor was … YUMMMM! Then we killed our stomach by sharing half of a giant pretzel. x_x;; Bad idea.

Because it was getting loud and crowded in the tent area, we decided to escape to the back of Dragon at the pagoda area. Then we migrated over to the front of the Dragon and looked at stars and talked about random stuff. ^_^

I still don’t see the big fuss about the Oktober Fest, to be honest. I guess it would help if I liked beer and sausages. *sighs* Not having an acquired taste for beer hurts my wallet the most. I prefer the expensive stuff. GAH! My refined tastebuds cost me extra moolas.


  1. Do Germans really sit around drinking beer and eating sausages? Looks like Aussies and Germans have a lot in common! ^_~ I know one of the universities that my friends attend have an Oktoberfest which I’ve always been meaning to attend because it sounded like fun but it always clashes with something, like stuurdies :( But they had some really cute outfits when they were hyping for it!!!

  2. We celebrated Oktober Fest at our uni every year but I never go cos I don’t drink. Glad you had fun though! Mmm dessert sounded yummy.

  3. OH M G! The DRAGON HILL LODGE??! AHHH! You must be in Yongsan! Crazy! I lived at the base and used to stay at the lodge years ago. About 6 or 7 years ago. I miss it there so much!!!

  4. I hate beer too! I can only deal with it if its really cold and I’m really thirsty lol! Beer and sausages sounds like a wierd combo. =D

  5. LOL. ‘refined tastebuds’. =P

  6. Thanh Nado on

    Oooo… giant pretzels!

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