Two New FLs

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Just a quick post on the fact that I created two new fanlistings this past weekend:

* Honami Yukine
* Honjyo Rie

Those and along with one to Mamahara Ellie, I’ve got my top three favourite manga-kas FLs in my collection. ^_^

… Other than that, I’m exhausted and am hating my schedule. Work + School is not much fun!


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Woooow. You’re a fanlisting making machine! :D Loving the all the layouts, too

  2. Hi hi, I’m impressed you’re managing to juggle your work and uni and internet-ness responsibilities :D

    Because I’m extremely unfamiliar with fanlistings, it was good you put that ‘What is a fan listing’ thing in. I think though you could maybe expand on it for the uninitiated (and completely ignorant – like me!). For instance, what is the purpose of creating a fanlisting? Is it that everyone who joins is a fan? Could there then be thousands- nay, millions – of fanlistings for the same fandom? Does a fanlisting site provide you with anything else other than a list of people who like the same thing – for instance, is there information/news about the fandom solely available to those who join on the site?

    Sorry for all the questions, just I really have no idea!

  3. Thanh Nado on

    If only we can tell work to go screw it! Why am I not a trust fund baby dammit! :D

  4. How can you be exhausted and overworked and still create new sites? I can’t even remember I HAVE sites in beteen mountains of homework some times.

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