Slytherin Costume!

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As a big Harry Potter fan since 1999, I finally succeeded in accomplishing what I’ve been dying to do since the first HP movie came out.

I finally put together a Slytherin costume. XD XD XD

Last month, I had ordered a Slytherin crest patch from some crest specialty store in Canada in preparation for my costume. Aside from the crest, I had already had a black pants (no skirts for me!), white collared shirt, and of course my lovely Slytherin scarf my friend Michelle made for me.

All I had left was a Slytherin tie, a wand, and a robe. After much debate and receiving advices from friends, I decided to abandon the idea of getting a custom-made robe and just purchase one that’s already made. I figured that in the end, the price of a custom-made one including buying the material would cost me double or triple the amount of what I could buy online.

Last week, I finally ordered from I ordered the Majestic School Robe, the tie, and a wand.

Upon arriving home from class tonight, I found the package waiting for me right as I walked in. I had the most goofiest, happiest grin on my face as I raced to find my Xacto knife. I ripped package open, and I looked and tried on my purchase. As I thought, the robe was too long, so I need to get it hemmed. Oh, and I need to get the crest on there as well! ^_^

Oh man, just swinging that wand around and waltzing around the house with my whole outfit (minus the sweater, but I think my aunt will just find me a black or grey V-neck vest if she can’t find a sweater) made me feel like I was a real witch in the Harry Potter world.

Now that I got all the material, I can’t WAIT till Halloween now! XD


  1. MorningStar on

    Very cool! Now you have to take pics in it and show us!!

  2. Don’t you just LOVE receiving exciting packages you’ve ordered in the mail and ripping it open! The excitement! Hope we all get to see a picture of you all decked out in your Slytherin gear! (when’s Halloween?)

  3. gee you really are a HP fan!!! it sounds very cool indeed!! youre lucky to have halloween there… get to dress up in whatever you want! have fun with the costume!!!

  4. Thanh Nado on

    Make sure you post a picture!

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