Liquid Diet

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Liquid diet of any shape and form is the most horrendous thing I’ve been put on for one day today.

Make a long story short, I went to the dentist today. I expected that they were gonna do the whole thing today. Wrong. They ended up doing on one for today.

After they finished, I paid and then asked how long could I not eat or drink.

…Their response: I can drink. I can’t eat till tomorrow. #@()*#@))*#@)__@*)#_)@#

WTF?! Everyone I talked to said that’s very odd and that it should be at least six hours. x_x;; Well, my parents seemed to have believed I should listen to the dentist and pretty much told me not to eat. Aside from having a yogurt bar before going there at 10:00, I survived on water and a half a bowl of soup that my mum made me eat with a straw when I got home just now.

Yes, a straw. I’m a capable Homo sapiens with opposable thumbs, who is not a vegetable, and I had to eat a bowl of soup through a fucking straw.

I made another appointment for a second filling next Friday. I am SO going to ask why they said I could not eat for 24 hours. *growls* I am so eating like a pig tomorrow!


  1. Ugh, liquids only = crazy! Enjoy your meals tomorrow! =D

  2. Thanh Nado on

    Ah no eating. that’s crazy! I’m hungry. I eat.

  3. Chibi Misao on

    Yeah, that is really weird if all you got was a filling. Normally, they just tell you that you cannot eat until the novocaine wears off completely (usually about 6hrs). This is to prevent you from biting your cheeks or from gagging because you can’t feel your tongue.

    I’m glad you can start eating in 24 hours though :) It’s better than getting your wisdom teeth taken out and being limited to a liquid/soft diet for more than a week or so :( Hopefully you won’t have to go through that!

  4. Did your dentist really go to dental school? That is soooo weird.

  5. hmm yeah. Definitely got to have something to chew on, even if you get the required nutrients from liquids. Its just the way nature meant it to be!

  6. Wtf? Never heard about the not eating/drinking thing. Christian got two cavities filled a week or two ago and he was told to wait an hour or two for it to set before eating, not 24 hrs. o_o;;

  7. WTF. I hate the dentist. Punch him in the jaw next time you go in there and say “Now YOU don’t get to eat for a day.”

  8. what did they do in the first place? maybe it was the nature of the gums/teeth… that’s why the dentist wants you to be on a liquid diet for 24 hours. we do that with some of our patients… thick fluids/soft diet, and then if they were able to tolerate it then they can progress to solids.
    but yeah, being on a liquid diet would’ve sucked.

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