Dental Visit

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After what is probably almost ten years since my last dental visit, I finally overcame procrastination and FEAR to go in for a way overdue checkup. To be honest, I was more frightened of hearing my diagnosis, so I asked Sarah to come along with me for moral support.

Went in with a lot of nervousness on my part. Had no clue how to do the X-ray since the guy said to bite them with my insiciors, which I thought was the pointy teeth at first. Then, out of ignorance, I asked, with my front teeth, and he said yes. So got the X-ray done…HATED IT since I felt so claustrophobic and whatnot.

Then he checked the inside of my mouth for evil cavities and whatnot. Now, this was the part that got me worried. I anticpated the dentist telling me I’d have over thirty cavities and five root canals. Turns out that I have some overdue cleaning to do, two cavities, and a filling that needs to be replaced. …That got me to calm down a whole lot.

Now that the scary part was over with, I just have to get cleaning, and the two cavities within the next three months. All together that will run about $160 bucks. Not sure how much the filling replacement will be…will ask them on the phone when I call to make an appointment.

Once all that’s done inside my mouth, I just have to get into the habit of a checkup and cleaning at least once a year now. No more waiting ten years to do something regarding my health!


  1. Thanh Nado on

    I’m no longer really afraid of the Dentist.. just how much it’s going to cost. :D

  2. I love the dentist!

    $160 is not bad at all.

  3. Two cavities and an aging filling? Not bad for a decade! :)

    I personally hate getting my teeth cleaned. I feel as if someone were in charge of bathing me; can’t they just leave me alone and leave me to keep myself clean?

    Not that I would but that’s not the point.

  4. visit your dentist at least once a year! :D
    yeah the trip to the dentist is always worrying, but afterwards you feel clean and new again. :D and you just smile and smile and smile.
    oh and korea does sound marvelous. will truly visit one of these days.

  5. Are you using your dad’s health insurance, or can you not use it anymore?

    I’m sure that if you provide a letter from the school, stating that you are a full time student, they will let you stay on the insurance until you are 23, or graduate, whichever comes sooner.

    *is madly shopping for insurance, and will, most likely, have to go to the local state-run Health Clinic in order to get her yearly feminine check ups* OI.

    Which, you should do, too.

  6. Ah, dentists are kind of freaky. I haven’t gone in about two years now; eep!

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