First Week & Touring

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What a long week! The high school didn’t start until this past Tuesday. From Tuesday till Friday, I helped out at the band room. I had fun seeing the new band/string members, and the ones who are still around. Didn’t get any subbing days yet though… hope for some soon!

Today, I met up with Sarah. With her, we showed these two new teachers around Seoul. We met at Noksapyeong subway station and then from there went to Anguk station to visit Insa-dong. Insa-dong is always a nice place to visit if you are into artsy craftsy stuff. Watched the three of them shop around.

Then we decided to show them Kyobo bookstore. Sarah and I were look at this HUGE, and I mean HUGE, Andy Warhol artbook. This is actually cheaper online than over there though. The one at Kyobo was like 144,000ish won, about 144 bucks.

After perusing through that, we walked to Myeong-dong. We were going to find a place to eat, but then with the lack of time, where the three teachers had a party to attend, we decided to just go back. We got the subway and the other two went home in a different direction, and I went with Sarah to her house to eat something together. After doing that, I came home.

OMG, my feet hurts. Way too much walking. I certainly won’t be playing tour guide for a while now.


  1. i want to go see korea. are things expensive there (like japan?)?

  2. i have lots of korean friends and workmates. maybe one day i’ll come and visit.
    people do speak fairly good english anyway, hey?

  3. Look on the bright side, you’re a lot healthier now. :D

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