RPing and End of Vacay

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*sighs* Why must good things always happen at the end of vacation? I remember couple summers ago, I discovered video games that I started playing towards the end…Last year it was the discovery of bittorent and animes…this year, it has to be I started two new wonderful RP with two friends of mine and now my work starts tomorrow.

*dies* Not really work, but I’m going into volunteer and then whenever I do get some sub jobs, I hope to get some. *sighs* Twas was a good five weeks though… just wish it was a bit longer. So the high school I work at resumes tomorrow and my school itself resume next Tuesday. BLARGH! I don’t want my vacay to end! I shall miss my vampire sleeping schedule and my bumming around days!


  1. RP good. Work baaaaaaaaaaad. Blech. LoL

  2. There’s always the next vacation to look forward to, right? ;)

  3. Popp's Lover on

    saranghae rice mama~!!!

  4. Thanh Ha on


  5. OH I KNOW about the holidays only getting good towards the end!! Even my mother says she just as she begins to unwind and relax, her vacation is over :( See the thing is, at the beginning of the holidays (by the way, for us holidays=vacation, same thing same thing :D) you have to get over the horrible HORRIBLE pain of uni and work so you do absolutely nothing. So you finally start to relax and then, just when you’re bordering on boredom, you’re ready to do something fun and productive with your holidays! And then…BAM! They’re over :(

  6. Work can’t be that bad. D=

    Wait, nvm. You’re a sub teacher. =/ *pat pat*

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