Night Owl Activities

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There’s something quite fascinating about the night. When I was young, I was definitely a diurnal person. To me, waking up early on Saturdays to watch cartoons was a bliss. As I got older, I gradually became nocturnal. The verdict now? I am definitely a night owl… or perhaps a vampire. XD

I adore walking around the city late at night… Which is what I sorta did today. I can’t wait till I’m on my own because then I can do whatever I want…come home whenever I want. I swear, if it wasn’t for my mum, I’d probably not come home till three or four in the morning. I think a part of me is from the Romantic era, albeit the city is not exactly all nature, but being surrounded by trees in my apartment complex area makes me feel like one!

And it’s infinitely even better to have someone to walk around with and talk. Tina and I were just standing around in Itaewon… just watching the people go by, comment on some of the odder ones, and it was bliss. I mean, personally, I prefer cafes and stuff, but just being outside surrounded noises from cars and people… it soothes me. Now if only STARS could be seen in Seoul. Then it’d be a total bliss. But no, stars are NON-EXISTENT here. BOO.

Speaking of Tina, she’s leaving today. I’m so gonna miss her. Man… now I have to wait till December to see that goofball again. GARGH. At least I know I can survive four months… after waiting for eight months for August, this should be a piece of cake. Or so it should, but in actuality, it’s gonna be a biatch! Oh well… I wish her the best of luck on her flight tomorrow and hope nobody’s stinky feet gets in her face. XD Sorry, inside joke between her and me. XD Tina, I wub you!


  1. Popp's Lover on

    MY LOVE~ MWAHHH~~.. i’m going to miss you too.. now remember~ be a good rice mama, and~ keep the bathroom clean~ oh and..remember CHERRY COCK..HAHAHHAA… I’ll call b4 I leave.

  2. subSloth on

    City at night = fucking awesome. But depends which bit. =/ *paranoid of safety*

  3. Popp's Lover on

    my love~ I’m here at LA now.. I wish I was back in Korea.. haha.. I miss it already.. but yeah.. the flight was good. I slept for the most part..^.~ man, I can’t wait till winter now.. garsh, why does this always happen? hahaha~ anyways, I’ll call you later. Miss you my love! MWAHHHHHHH~~ btw, there was no stinky feet in my face~!! haha..

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