Happily Buzzed

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…Which is wearing off real fast. I don’t think I’m even buzzed enough. Oi… I guess better than getting drunk off my arse and passing out in the middle of nowhere. XD

Met up with Sarah and we went to Myeong-dong to find a place to eat since Itaewon wasn’t appealing to us for a meal. Finally went to a Japanese restaurant where we basically had Udon or Udong (former in Japanese and latter in Korean). Then we caught bus #0013 to Itaewon and went to my favourite bar called Bless U. Loved that place. Quiet and peaceful compared to other bars/clubs in that area.

I had myself six cocktails… enough to get me somewhat buzzed, but not enough to last long apparently. Had two of the followings: Orgasm, Fuzzy Navel, and Malibu (Coconut Rum) Coke. Yummmm. Also discovered, by tasting Sarah’s, that Banana Banshee might not be so bad despite the name sounds.

Tina stopped by to chat with us for a while and convincingly even got one of the bartender to believe we were lovers. Oi. That silly girl will be the death of me one day hahaha! Oh well. It’s always fun pretending to be a lesbian. Although, tonight I was denying her advances quite adamantly. XD But ultimately, we are both straight, and she was just being her goofy self.

Fun times… too bad my friends and I aren’t rich enough to do this more often. The most we can afford is once a month… or more like once every three months usually. Ah well. It’s fun going out and just drink at a bar and talk once in a while.

… Let’s see how bad this entry looks later on today when I read this 100% sober. Let’s see how many typos and horrible grammar errors I made! XD


  1. Sounds like you had fun! Lucky! XD

    Hanging out with the girls is always good fun. I’ve gotta do that when I turn 21. Not being legal to drink kind of puts a damper on the festivities, if you know what I mean. ;)

  2. Dark Maylee on

    When was the last time my friends and I just hung out and talked? Hmm.

    If my friends pretended to be lesbians here, I think they would get the attention of a lot of guys. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. :P

  3. Michelle on

    I’m glad you had fun. :)

  4. Popp's Lover on


  5. I don’t even think I spotted ONE grammar mistake :0 How impressive, even when you’re tipsy you write well!!!!! :D Obviously on your way to becoming an English teacher XD

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