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Am still alive… breathing.

Nothing really interesting happening… aside from hanging out with my two chingoos. Who are Tina and Praxis, my computer. XD Okay, I lie. Plenty of stuff happening, but nothing really blogworthy.

I went to Myeong-dong today. Just eye shopping while Tina bought her “cheap” clothes. While in the cd store I like, I saw the Dead Poets Society OST. I would have bought it but the price of 20,000 won, roughly 20 bucks, was so not worth it! I nearly had a heart attack at that price. *shakes head* Capitalism… the joy of robbing one’s hard-earned moola.

And that store did not have any Janne Da Arc’s cd. WTF. I guess they are not that popular as I thought they were…

One more week before my vacay truly ends. NOOOOO. It’s going by way too fast!


  1. I’m jealous. I really could use a vacation right about now!

  2. Coronet on

    Enjoy the cheap Asian prices while you can. The US RAPES you sideways of your cash through sales tax/random tax for no reason tax/income tax, etc.

  3. Chibi Misao on

    My vacation pretty much flew by at record speed, but then my first days of class felt like WEEKS ;_; Ah well. I’m glad you’re still on break and enjoying the time off work/school :) Hope you have fun for the rest of your vacation!

  4. Thanh Ha on

    Yeah, and only like 1% goes to the actually artists.

  5. subSloth on

    Send me your OSTs. =P Be nice-lah.

  6. CasualSax on

    Sales tax in the US is a local thing – if you’ve got a problem with it, change states or order everything online. =P Georgia’s started having tax free holiday weekends..one of the few things that rocks out.

    Dead Poets Society OST is $13 online, not sure what itunes has it for..

  7. Lan-Anh on

    *Sighs* I feel sorry for your holiday ending so soon. But be grateful you have a long holiday as a student unlike some poor souls! ^__^

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