DB-Day Yet Again

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DB-Day = Domain’s Birthday.

Yeap, today marks yet another year that has come for my lovely domain. Fourth year, I believe. And on a side of that, fifth year since I had a domain, and sixth year since I started webpage designing.

…And sadly enough, if I hadn’t looked at the calendar today, I would have forgotten about this day. Haha. That’s sad, eh? XD Ah well, I remembered.


  1. Belinda on

    Happy birthday a-c.net!

  2. Coronet on

    Congrats on yet another domain year. :) I only remember my domain’s birthday seeing as it’s January 1. XD

  3. HAPPY DOMAIN DAY!! Ah, four years old, I remember when she was only three… *lost in nostalgia*

  4. Chibi Misao on

    Wow, that’s a long time! Happy birthday a-c.net! :)

  5. Lan-Anh on

    Haha, Happy Domain day! ^___^

  6. aww yay! Four years! Sheesh girl, lol lets hope I can remember to err… celebrate mine on 1/14!

  7. Heather on

    Happy birthday to Aigoo-Chamna and congradulations to you!

  8. Thanh Ha on

    Happy Birthday. Hope you never get lost in the sea of domain squatters.

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