Wolf’s Rain

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The past few days, I finally got off my arse and read the Wolf’s Rain manga that I bought way back in September. Yep, I definitely live up to be one of the world’s greatest procrastinator. Anyways, after reading the two volumes, I was intrigued to finally watch the anime series.

The characters all rocked. The character interactions were wonderfully developed. The changes the characters go through was portrayed with a touch of genius. Loved the character designs: great looking guys and girls. XD Well…maybe not Yaiden-san, but that’s not the point.

The storyline was very intriguing. Four wolves get together to try to find Rakuen (paradise) with a Flower Maiden. Of course, it wouldn’t be fun without obstacles from several different antagonists, right? I always did like dystopic stories… and this is a pretty well shown dystopic world.

I loved Hubb Lebowski. I swear, he’s like an ideal man… XD Kiba is mysteriously moody. Tsume is just plain sarcastic! Hige is… well hungry. Toboe is just so cute that I want to glomp him like a teddy bear. I even liked Cher and Blue. I loved Cher’s hairstyle. Blue is a pretty wolf.

The music by Kanno Yoko, GUH. I love her music. This anime is created by the same people who did Cowboy Bebop and Vision of Escaflowne. I can definitely see the two art style combined which is quite nice. Funny how I don’t like CB design though.

Angst. OMG, by the end of the series, I was bawling my eyes out at several scenes. WTF, I hate being emotional over something I watch! God, I swear, it was a joy watching this till like Eps 27 or so when the angst was pouring in.

The nobles ticked me off in this story. Screw Darcia, Jagara, and that other damn dude who runs Freeze City. Why the hell they like wearing those costumes is beyond me.

The ending confused me. WTF happened to their RAKUEN?! x_x;;

This could have been a 26-eps series instead of 30. Why the hell did they have to include four useless episodes (15-18) as filler? Don’t get me wrong, some filler eps are okay (as long as it’s not too many), but these were just recap of what the story is so far! That was a waste of time. They should have just cut those out and replace it with the last four to make it a 26 eps series!

Great anime, great storyline, great characters, great soundtrack, an okay ending, and horrible filler episode. Anyways, it was a great experience watching this. I like wolves, and I wouldn’t mind a wolf as a pet…but the closest I’ll get is a Siberian Husky XD. Highly recommended…till you hit the angst. XD


  1. hi.. um, i stumbled upon your blog.

    i think what the ending means is that what we have now, that is RAKUEN, the paradise that they all sacrificed to have. The ending is very um, typically Japanese, i think. a bit Christian too.. it reminded me a bit of Narnia’s ending, just not as happy and fairy-tale like as Narnia’s.

  2. amber gray on

    you suck wolfs rain is soo coolzzzzzzzzzzz you are such a jerk and Im 12 and I understud it!!!!

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