Textbook Adventure

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Remember my last entry, I mentioned one of my books being $118? Well, I found someone selling it used for $50 bucks couple days ago. Then, on a whim, I checked Kyobo Bookstore Website. I discovered that they were selling a paperback edition for 35,000 won, which is roughly $35 bucks. Right after I saw that, I decided to go downtown and hunt for it.

I arrived at Gwanghwamun area by subway. Went in there and looked under “Business English” section. No luck. Asked one of the people there, and then they led me to “Business Communications” section. *facepalm* What the fuck is the difference between English and Communication?! Anyways, alas, it wasn’t there. So I asked them to reserve a copy if they come upon one.

Then for the hell of it, since it’s within walking distance, I decided to head over to another bookstore called Young Poong Bookstore. After spending five minutes looking for the foreign book section, I went to the “Business” section.

Lo and behold, I found the International edition for the same price as the one I was looking for in Kyobo. I’ve discovered that the International edition and the regular US edition, the differences are quite slim. The only differences are: 1) CHEAPER. 2) Paperback. 3) International edition cannot be sold in US or Canada. That’s what it said on the back. XD

Then, I had to find an ATM. While YP did have ATMs…it wouldn’t give me an English option. >_<;; Had to walk out and ended up finding my KEB ATM. Then I headed back to Kyobo to cancel my reservation thing. Ran back to YP and purchased the gem. Since I didn't want to go back to Kyobo area again to catch the subway, I walked towards Lotte Department store in Myeong-dong area to catch my good ol' 143 bus. Damn rush hour traffic. x_x;; At least I got the book. Now to figure out what to do about my English books. To buy them for $69 bucks or what. I already saved myself over $80 bucks by buying the Business Writing book... Decisions to think about.


  1. What you didn’t know is that your KEB ATM card doubles as a debit card that you can use to purchase stuff at stores in Seoul…it takes the money automatically from your bank account.

    I just found that out recently myself…

  2. Chibi Misao on

    Huh? I wonder why international editions are cheaper. Oh well…the better for you! :)

  3. Coronet on

    Yeah the US is seriously just out to rape you. All my international friends agree that the US is just about money and nothing else. *sigh*

  4. subSloth on

    Now spend the $80 on a game! =D

  5. Lan-Anh on

    Use the money you saved & spend it on clothes or a meal….I would ^__^

    How come you can’t use a Korean ATM? I thought credit & debit cards worked everywhere.

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