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Eerie Queerie
Four volumes of really low version of shounen-ai manga. I actually quite enjoyed it… I loved Hasunuma and Ichi both cracked me up whenever they interacted together. That one family of brothers who have a bunch of maid around were quite odd as well. I have to say though… the last volume had that interesting Parental Advisory Explicit Content warning label on it. I died after I read that volume because there was NOTHING in that volume to consider beyond PG-13! *sighs* I understand why it had that, but at the same time it’s like, WTF.

I had gotten the first two books like several years ago. I finally got the last six books, giving me the chance to finally have a closure with that series I actually enjoyed it. It was really interesting, although I wished there were more portrayals of male persocoms! Chi was so cute, which btw, none of the female characters or female persocoms annoyed me. Which is rare because a lot of female characters pisses me off to no end. x_x;; Anyways, I enjoyed the read. My only question is… will Hideki always be a damn virgin? *ponders*

Indiana Jones Trilogy
I must be one of the last person to watch this trilogy. I honestly never saw it till now! To be honest, even though I gave those movies pretty high rating, I prefer something more along the lines of Lord of the Rings or something. Anyways, I liked the last two… but the last one was my favourite. Although in the second one, I loved Short Round… such a cutie. It was pretty interesting watching it, but it didn’t really leave me a big impact. Then again, I never did like action films much compared to something more dramatic with meaningful themes to contemplate on afterward. And really, action films story telling formula gets quite old after a while…

Chronicles of Narnia
I loved it! Loved the soundtrack (must get, precious!), loved the cinematography, loved the scenery, loved the characters, loved loved loved loved… yes, I loved this film. Maybe now, I will be motivated to read the book series I’ve had since like 9, which I could never finish the first book or the second book. Oi… I wish I could meet a faun like Mr. Tumnus, or those Beaver couples… and Aslan. :3 Ahhh… shame that it took me a while to finally see this lovely movie. Yes, I’m a fantasyesque person. XD

Stand by Me
I’ve watched this last week, but forgot to write about it here. Quite interesting… one of the best coming of age flick I’ve seen in a while. I adored Wil Wheaton’s character. River Phoenix’s character was quite intriguing as well. I should check out the novella it’s based on. Very interesting movie. After seeing this, I reckon that boys will be boys no matter what time period or parts of the world they are at. XD

*sighs* Not halfway finished through my marathons… I think I’m gonna need more than two weeks XD Ah well! Just gotta do the best I can!


  1. Lady Athena on

    Yes! Isn’t Narnia awesome! I saw it in April and I was so amazed by it. I have the soundtrack to this movie, too. Well, the first one, anyway.

    And yes, Chii is adorable. Especially when she pointed to everything in the house calling it “Hideki”. XD

  2. Popp's Lover on

    my love~~ i miSS YOU!! I cant wait till I go to KOREA!! >.

  3. Oh my gosh, you’re the only other person I’ve ever known who’s read Eerie Queerie! XD I bought it because, not knowing much about what titles were yaoi, EQ was obviously in that genre!! Heh.. the last volume was really empty of content – it didn’t even have anything to do with ghosts.

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