The Rose of Versailles

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Right now, I just finished one anime series. Go me! The Rose of Versailles is 40 episodes long. It’s an anime that I saw on the Korean tv when I was pretty young. Back then, I liked what I saw. I did not understand the full implication this anime had about the pre-French Revolution stuff. It did not help that I did not understand Korean well enough to comprehend the show. XD

Well, now I watched it with English subtitles. My perspective on it? I still love the show. Now I actually understand the whole deal with the French Revolution. Before, I had trouble understand the causes of the revolution and whatnot. This is so angsty though! Well…towards the end that is.

The animation sort of turns me off to be honest. The drawing style is not what I prefer, but I don’t mind it. At least the guys are still cute like Andre and Fersen! XD And Marie Antoinette was beautifully portrayed. I have to say that this was pretty nicely done for something that came out in 1979 to 1980. Or so my ignorant animation skills tells me…

*sighs* I feel like some sort of closure at finally watching one of my all-time favourite anime series with an adult perspective now. This is a really great series…Although I still like the Korean opening theme better x_x;; Anyways, it’s a shame that this series is not licenced in the U.S…maybe it will in the future? Who knows.

I highly recommend this series…if you are into shoujo stuff! Or even drama or historical fiction based stuff. I am not sure on how accurate it is, but it seemed to have covered the major stuff with accurate information about the French Revolution. My main complaint? Which is pretty minor… are the character names. Well, their real French names. The people’s names are SO LONG. Who on earth needs that many names in their… names?!

Enough babbling from me… must get sleep and attend to MY REVOLUTION tomorrow.


  1. subSloth on

    I’m gonna go download it. =D

  2. Heather on

    You’re a trooper; I couldn’t watch all that.

  3. wow.. so many anime… damn this dial up!

  4. Lady Athena on

    I saw this anime series, like, one million years ago. In any case, doesn’t it remind you of a more current anime? It does to me! ^_^

  5. Lady Athena on

    Got your comment in my inbox, and yes, that was the one I meant. *nods*

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