Summer Vacay Start!

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YAY! Bye bye Romantic to Early Modern British Literature! Hello PARTY TIME! XD XD Time to get some boogie down for till end of August!

Okay. Maybe not boogie-ing, but I’m definitely gonna do some relaxation, some anime marathons, Japanese tv show marathons, manga reading marathons, and regular movie marathons. And add in some game playing if I can fit it in there.

Joy to me! Time to be a couch potato! …More like swivel chair potato. Don’t have a couch in front of the PC or in my room. XD

I seriously hope I can watch stuff that’s been piling up for the last six months. x_x;; Okay, back to watching animes for me.


  1. Belinda on

    WOOT! HOLIDAY TIME!! :D I hope you enjoy it to its fullest (even if it means doing nothing but relax :D).

    Alas, university starts tomorrow for me. -___-;

  2. Dark Maylee on

    Have fun this vacation. Ahhh relaxing. Nothing beats doing nothing sometimes. :P

  3. Trisha on

    have fun in your holidays!!!! travel, travel, travel!!

  4. AHAHA yay, marathons are the best, and you have variety?! Your vacation is going to be nice. Have fun! And make sure you stay up extra late. :)

    ps: how did you get that authentication code?

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