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The past two days been real fun…watching movies and animes does not rot ones brain. I guess Heather’s comment is right… I am made of steel. XD Yesterday, I watched two Chinese movies. Today? I watched a 12-eps anime series. Four of them in the early afternoon and the rest after I got back home from running an errand. Here’s a brief reflection about them.

Enter the Phoenix (Daai lo oi mei lai)
As I diversify myself into other countries’ movie, it’s quite pleasing to find a winner among them. I really enjoyed this one very much. The humour within the character interactions were awesome. I loved the father/son duo, Kin and #8 dude. It’s funny how Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung are pretty much enemies in the movie… but yet, in another movie they starred together, they were playing each other’s lover. Very ironic. XD All in all, this was funny, well-done, and well-paced. This one is in Cantonese…the next movie is in Mandarin. I cannot distinguish them at all.

Lan Yu
…I cannot say much about this movie since the one I was watching had SHITTY picture qualities. I did not enjoy this movie much compared to the Phoenix one. I kept on looking at the time to see how much longer this movie was! …Maybe if the picture was better, I’d have enjoyed it more. x_x;; The plot was an interesting one though, but it just did not come out properly to be a real blockbuster winning film for me.

Princess Princess
Bwahahaha! Cross-dressing boys in Lolita-style outfits is just beautiful. XD It’s amazing and sad that sometimes men dressed in female clothings look better than the females themselves. This anime was no exception…the three Princesses were very pretty. XD Ahh… the things they would do to boost up morale in their school. :3 Of course, Mikoto has some convincing to do. Anyways, this anime was quite charming in its own way. Sayaka ticked me off… she was pointless. XD Sakamoto’s family is … quite strange indeed. Oi. Although this is not the best anime I’ve watched recently, it’s still watchable.

*DIES* Now, I really should focus on that comparison/contrast essay on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Must churn out three page of pretty much bullshite to turn in by Saturday. But, ah! So much distraction! So much to watch! T.T


  1. I want to watch more Princess Princess so badly! XD I’ve only seen episode one, and chapter one of the manga but it was such fun! *wants* :D

  2. I loved Princess Princess. So cute. XD

  3. Belinda on

    Yay for movie/anime marathons! :D

  4. Popp's Lover on

    saranghae!! mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Lan-Anh on

    Ooh, Princess Princess sounds cool *goes to download it*
    I’m so envious you have all that time to be a potatoe ^___^

  6. Trisha on

    I miss my anime-filled, childhood days.

  7. Ah, I remember reading Heart of Darkness…what a terrible terrible book. What a terrible terrible movie too! It made me want to beat something up! >:@

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