Gakuen Heaven Marathon

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Starting last night and today when I came home from a very long day of going to work and running errands, I watched the 13 episodes anime, Gakuen Heaven.

KYAAAAAH! I loved it! I had probably the most goofiest, cornball smile on my face watching every single episodes. And since this was a typical BL (Boy Love) anime, my shounen-ai/slash/yaoi raydar was going off the rocket in every imaginable ways. Countless number of bishounens constitutes unlimited amount of pairings. GUH.

Okay, so having too many bishounens confused me for a while. It took me up to about the fifth episode to remember who’s who and all that. I actually loved 99% of the characters in this anime though. Okay, minus the Vice-Chairman and the twins on most occasion.

My favourite in no particular order are: Niwa (King) was awesome. I mean anybody who throws a party at a BATH HOUSE is just plain cool; Omi for his hacking skills and his seiyuu had the most sexiest voice ever; and Shunsuke…his voice, his accent was too cute, and I loved his hero worship of Niwa. All of the characters were good, but those are my top three favourite.

The plot was kind of weak for me, but the humour, the character interaction, and my undying curiosity to see what the hell was going on with Kazuki made up for it. While this is way better in terms of Loveless in answering most of my questions and not leaving me in the damn dark, there is still one thing I don’t understand. Oh well. XD I did wished for more “actions” to go on, but those innuendos at the beginning of the earlier episodes cracked me up. Yes, my mind is tainted and dirty. Bwahaha.

The Ham-Ham Heaven was pure crack. Normally I skipped those part where it shows sneak peek for the next eps, but with these, I had to watch it. The way they’d end their sentences with -hamu was funny and cute. All in all, it was a cute series with many drool-worthy bishounens, and as a yaoi fangirl, I was in heaven myself!


  1. Gakuen Heaven is kind of cute, ne? I think my favs were the artsy guy and the archer. I felt bad for the first because he was so cute but the second I just drooled over. That and the other computer guy with the glasses who licked Keita. LOL!

    The hamu’s were the best! I would have watched a full half hour of just that. XD

  2. I just watched the first episode the other day and wrote about it on my anime blog. XD I didn’t like it so much…they were all so cute, but I couldn’t get a feel for any of the characters! I was so confused about who was who. XD Sounds like it gets better though despite the weak plot!

    I agree with Kez; the hamsters were so cute. =O

  3. Heather on

    Thirteen episodes straight? My brain would have melted. You are made of steel.

  4. shannan on

    i’m on the 8th episode right now, and i absolutely love this anime- but it’s so virginal compared to what i normally watch!!! ^^;;; does anyone EVER kiss? i mean, don’t get me wrong- i love the inuendos and the fighting over keita-kun, but my raunchy yaoi fangirly-ness needs to be satiated!! lol please let me know if there’s even a little bit of phyd. action! X3 thanks a bunch-hamu!

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