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Tobias Fanlisting
Tobias fanlisting is up and ready to be joined. With this proclaimation, I am proud to say that I am finally the owners of all three of my favourite Animorphs trio that concludes of Tobias, Ax, and Marco. Yowza! XD I love my boys.

So today’s a Korean holiday. Fantastic, eh? NO WAY. I was not told it was a holiday, so I wasted three hours today going to the academy I work at thinking it was a normal day. When I arrived there, the door was locked, and then I called my mum and friend and they said it was a holiday. #$(*$#_)#$_) I went back later, and it was open, but the bosses were only there for a quick meeting. My own boss didn’t even know it was a holiday too, so therefore, he did not tell me ahead of time. BLARGH. That pissed me off royally. Since I don’t get paid for holidays, now I have to fit the extra five hours into the next three days to avoid coming in on Friday. Fun. Not.

Monsoon season = Rains. Too much rains = Han River being flooded. I had ridden over Banpo bridge twice today, and it was quite… disheartening to see the river even more dirtier than ever, and to see the tunnel below the bridge washed out and the Hangang Park underwater as well. I think the rain has been coming for almost a week now, and thankfully it looks like it will clear up soon. Yay. I am sick of lugging an umbrella around. x_x;;

Gamecube Gaming
The last couple days I’ve been exploring my GC games that I got when I purchased the GC from my friend. I’ve tried out Soul Calibur II, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Disney’s Magical Mirror feat. Mickey Mouse, and Skies of Arcadia Legends. My verdicts so far? Soul Calibur was fun. Mickey Mouse was kinda fun. FFCC was difficult as hell. At least for me. I’m used to having three other characters backing me up or something, and here I am alone in FFCC with only a damn Moogle carrying the damn chalice for me. Trying to fight the enemies by myself was not a easy task for me. Oi. Screw that game. Great graphics, but not much fun gameplay and storyline.

However, I have a new love and that new love is called Skies of Arcadia Legends. It’s turn-based, I am riding an awesome airship, there’s a neat magic system, great characters, intriguing storyline, and etcetera. I am only like 5% into the game, and I love it. XD GUH! Why did I not play this game sooner?! Speaking of which, now that I am done with all the stuff I had to do on the PC, I am going to go eat and play more SoAL! *HEART*


  1. Trisha on

    Yeah well the legal age here is 18, but they still pretty much celebrate 21 as if it’s THE passing to adulthood age. It was just another number for me, another birthday, but twas fun nonetheless. Happy 21 years to both of us!

  2. Lan-Anh on

    I’m so envious that you have rain AND a holiday over there! Its in the mid 30C over here- absolutely baking plus there is a water shortage. Mind passing some of that rain this way? ;)

  3. arghhH! all this dreamhost downtime is so frustrating!

  4. Ooh, you’re back online too! ^_^;; Dreamhost was driving me batty right then.

    Ah, I wish I had a plethora of games to choose from. You’re a lucky gal. XD Congrats on the FL claimage!

  5. Dark Maylee on

    It’s pouring here too. I think there are some areas where there is massive floods. Yikes.

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