Beat ToS Again

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Since I was only one or two sub-quests away from beating the game, I decided to just finally do them today. And then I decided to say screw it to the rest of the sub-quests and just beat Tales of Symphonia again. :3 That Soulfire sub-quest was freaky and way too time consuming. Oi… At least I got Abyssion this time… he was a toughie… even with the All-Divide.

Ah well… the best part? I’ve racked over 5000 grade from this replay. That means I was able to purchase the x10 Experience thing and other stuff too XD. Yahoo!

…Now that game is out of the way…I should explore my other Gamecube games that I got back in November. Procrastination is my middle name XD.


  1. Coronet on

    Christian LOVES Symphonia. I think he’s on his third time through cause he was a few grade short of the x10 EXP thing and he was ripshit. XD Sooo funny to see it say you are 100 grade under. I really loved it too and am thinking about playing it again as well.

  2. Lan-Anh on

    Haha, you sound like a proper game addict! I wish I had as much time as you- I’m playing the old Super Snes games at the moment on my laptop but its taking me ages to complete any of them.

  3. Popp's Lover on

    POPP had dumps like a truck, truck, truck
    Thighs like what, what, what
    All night long
    Let me see that thong



  4. Beat ToS again? *grin* You tempt me. But right now I’ve rediscovered Pokémon Gameboy Color games (don’t laugh! I mean it!) and I have no idea why these things are still fun. I think I just like naming all the little beasts I catch after anime characters.

    Tee hee. Procrastination would be a wonderful nickname….

    Or a first name! For women who plan on having their kids later in life (like myself), they could plausibly name their child Procrastination. But that would be horrid. XD

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