Humidity, Paycheque, and MP3 Player

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Have I ever mentioned I hate humidity?! I want Korea’s cold, dry winter to come back! I want it now! I want to layer up with clothes. I want to wear jackets with deep pockets to carry stuff around. I want the icy wind against my cheeks, the chapped lips, the dried hands. I WANT IT ALL.

I love walking. Walking is my number one mode of transportation. However, it is NOT fun walking outside when it’s humid. It feels like walking underwater, where I can’t breath, and I am all wet. GRAGH! Simply put, I HATE SUMMER.

What happened to the good ol’ days where all you had to do was to ask your parents for money, and voila! Money appears. Okay, my parents still give me some money, but I try not to ask much anymore. As a working gal, I try to support myself in terms of buying my materialistic thing and other necessities.

It would make my life easier if my paycheque came on time. It would make my life infinitely simpler if the paycheque arrived when the boss said it would. It would be fantastically superb if the boss DID not forget to pay me this pass Friday where I had to wait till today to ask again. It didn’t make me feel any better when I discovered that they could have PAID me this weekend via the internet mobile banking thing. What’s the point of Korea being so technologically advanced if they can’t even pay their employees on time?!

Thankfully, I finally got money in my account. Let’s hope I don’t have to go through paycheque angst again for July at the end of this month or beginning of next.

MP3 Player
After like six years of not having a portable music system, I finally own a secondhand mp3 player that I got for free thanks to Jac. This is my new toy. Mine is black and 512mb. ^_^ I shall have fun with that! And the best thing? It’s not a freaking iPod, so I don’t have to mess with evil iTunes or some shite like that. This is the kind where I just drag it into the directory of the player that’s plugged into the USB port! Woot woot!

One would think that since I love music so much, I’d already have a friggin’ player. But for the longest time, after my CD player died, I decided that my brain is the best player to have and it’s free! However, it’s even better when I get a player for free too! XD XD

Humidity sucks, bosses can suck, but having connections to get free stuff rules.


  1. Lan-Anh on

    Summer is fantastic! How on earth can you not like it?!
    I guess its a different type of heat over here where the highest it usually get is 30C (and very rarely too)- even then its not that humid. I say make teh most of it whilst it lasts ^__^

  2. Belinda on

    I don’t like humid weather either. Australia is dry too but usually hot-dry. Holidaying in Hong Kong in Summer was such a dramatic contrast as it was SWELTERING hot and everything was sticky. Ick.

    Yay free stuff!

  3. Popp's Lover on

    yes i know!! I dont like summer either! I like winter because I get to see you in that sexy green jacket!! har har! Btw, nice mp3 player! It’s better than my nano ipod~ ^.~ haha.. I’m glad that you got paied! See, what did I tell you! All you gotta do is just keep the bathroom clean and you’ll get what you want! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA!! SARANGHAE!

  4. I abhor summer, for all the reasons you stated! Winter is when it’s at. ^_~

    Huzzah, and free is always good!

  5. Dark Maylee on

    That mp3 player looks really nice (and really small!) It’s raining madly here. Nice grey weather. I agree about humidity. And to think I face it practically all year round…

  6. Trisha on

    I am a new proud owner of an iPod, and you are right, iTunes is pissing the heck out of me. What happened to the copy, drag, paste easiness of normal USBs?
    And humidity. Gaaaaah. Lived in such a humid place for 4 years (Darwin, Australia) and it was too TOO much!

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