Weird Comment…?

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Here’s a question that I need to ponder on…

Is this comment spam or for real?

If it is spam, it’s weird spam. If it isn’t, it’s even weirder that someone randomly would post a comment about that. x_x;;

Anyways, back to studying for my midterm. Romantic British Literature can kick my butt. *gags*


  1. Popp's Lover on


    what a nice comment..!! hahahahahahhahahahahaha..



  2. Heh. It’s probably a bit of both… o_O

  3. Odd! I’d think it were spam, but the lack of links to anything at all makes me question it. XD Very strange comment!

  4. Coronet on

    Holy Jesus, it’s Bible humper spam! *runs* Regardless, I think it honestly was just some random dude who posts that in every single weblog he encounters “spreading the word of the Jeeee-suhs!”

  5. defiance on

    *rolls eyes*

    not sure.. =p


    actually.. spam.. ? >.

  6. Laarni on

    i think that comment was not a spam. if it’s a spam it should have lots of linkages with the message.

    oh well. im not sure, really. hehehe.

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