Modem Power Supply Kaputed

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Yes, my modem power supply kaputed yesterday. x_x;; In other words, I had no internet at home last night. I was not entirely happy about that. Thankfully the ISP dude came today and fixed it when I was at work. XD

So here’s my spectacular come back! XD …Right. Haha.


  1. subSloth likes emails on

    “So here’s my spectacular come back! XD …Right. Haha.”

    Hahaha, wtf. You sad cow. xD Much love.

  2. Popp's Lover on

    rice~ rice~ rice~ rice~ rice~

    I had fun talking to you yesterday. I enjoyed hearing your sexay voice! ooOoo LaLaLa~!~!~ xD

  3. Coronet on

    I remember the days of the modem going to shit in Korea. Always had to get mom to call and yell at them to “fix” it (aka reconnect the line) cause I couldn’t speak adequate Korean. Glad to have you back online. I know how having no net blows.

  4. wow, so spectacular!!!! haha.

  5. Jeez that sucks honey – at least its back up! I can’t stand when my phone (which is connected through my modem) goes down – such a pain!

  6. anonymous on

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