Homosexuality Equals Mental Disorder in US Military

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At least according to this article.

*shakes head* A shame. APA took it off their list, but the Department of Defence still lists that. Aigoo. While this angers me, this saddens me more than anything else. When will people just accept each other, tolerate each other? Never is the answer I can come up with. Us humans are just intolerant species. Complex should be Homo sapiens middle name. If aliens ever do come to Earth, they will run away screaming from us since we do have a tough neighbourhood.

Back to the article. I had no clue DoD still lists homosexuality as mental disorder. Huh. Is being gay so disgusting that it has to be labelled as a mental disorder? I don’t think it is. How is being true to oneself a disorder? How is loving a different gender when love is still love a bad thing? While I may consider myself a cynic, I am an oxymoron in terms of being a cynical romantist. I believe that love is love, even if it is a bitch to find it nowadays.

Then again, humans are easily influenced aren’t they? If someone “straight” can be duped by someone “gay”, then that means their mind has been messed with, and then they believe they are gay, bi, straight, or whatever. Is that why it’s considered a mental disorder? What if it was vice versa? What if the world was entirely gay, and someone who’s straight tries to join society. Would they be labelled as mentally ill? Probably. Or probably not.

Bottom line: I hope the future grows more tolerant with each other. I hope we stop treating others differently just because they are “different.” I hope for all this, but as a pessimist, it ain’t happening. Not the way humans are.

Enough contemplation for now before I go off on tangent and talk about some other topic.


  1. Coronet on

    Sadly, the US is still full of bible humpers and George Dubya doesn’t help much either. This issue needs time honestly. Within a hundred years I’m sure this should be a distant memory the way black inferiority is slowly, but surely disappearing. Gender equality is another example. This kind of thing can’t be changed overnight. Some people were so infused with homosexuality = bad from birth that they can’t help but feel any different. We smart people just have to wait till the tards die off and people realize love=love and homosexuality is not 100% a choice.

  2. I think the people in the military have other kinds of “mental” disorders and not homosexuality, HAHAHAHA

  3. Lady Athena on

    *sigh* I make it a point not to get myself involved in this kind of stuff. We have too many narrow minded people in the world that think that it’s either their way or the highway. Personally, I don’t see how people who choose a different lifestyle from that of a heterosexual one are bad. It just boggles my mind too much and if I get involved with it, I will get mad and it’s better for me to keep a cool head.

    Also, yes, I will affiliate with your fanlisting collective! I will add the link as soon as my site revamps are through. And thanks for the compliment! ^__^

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