Senior “Prank”, Soccer, Sobriety Cell Phone

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Yesterday, like few minutes ago, was very … exciting ^_^

Senior “Prank”
Senior prank, a tradition right? Yet, at the same time it could be categorised as very mild vandalism act. Of course if you cross that certain line, it really becomes a major vandalism incident. Well… SAHS, my HS Alma Mater and where I work, finally had its senior prank. Only… the “prank” came after the seniors all graduated… Okay. Maybe it should be called Alumni Prank now.

Basically, they did the typical TPing in the courtyard with spray with paint and whatnot. What they also did was glued the doorknob to prevent the keys to go in, and the most digusting part, I heard canned soup, and literally crap was strewn all over the main building hallway. Either they got the manure from the countryside or… well… someone really did take a dump there. x_x;;

Was supposed to work today there. Went there in the morning, saw all the teachers outside. I briefly thought… a fire drill or something. Then I discovered what happened. While I could not go in, I did go in after they cleaned most of the mess up. Unfortunately the smell was still there. Mixed with cleaning solution trying to disguise the smell… not a good combination. GAG. In fact, this was so bad that school got cancelled and is resumed on Thursday (which was supposed to be the students’ day off) and even UMUC’s night class got cancelled.

I do hope that these alumnis are not 18… because this is a serious act and they are no longer protected by the juvenile law thingamigie… *sighs*

Just finished watching the World Cup game of Korea (Dae Han Min Guk!) vs. Togo. Which I keep wanting to call Toga since that’s what I heard someone call before I discovered it’s actual name. x_x;; Well, it was quite exciting. I still say some people cannot kick in soccer. But oh well. Korea won~ Mum and I went crazy the second time they scored. Or was it the first time… whenever it was. Mum went more crazy than I did though. I was pretty calm throughout most of it. XD Yay, Korea. At least they won this game unlike LOSING their first game back in ’98 World Cup. Hope they win the next game. If not, oh well. I’m still betting my guess on Brazil or Germany though. And even France. XD My extent of soccer is not very wide… so whatever.

Saw a bunch of people go to City Hall from my area today. Saw a bunch of people on decorated motorcycles. Maybe one of these days I’ll attend one of those crazy soccer gathering and see how much fun it is to be doing that “Dae Han Min Guk” chant and that “Pissing” I mean… er PILSUNG Korea thing. ^^;; I swear… in 2002 World Cup, Mi Son and I had a blast trying to figure out that second chanting thing. I heard Pissing Korea, and she heard Miss Korea. XD Hahaha. But then we finally realised they were saying Pilsung. ^^;;

Sobriety Cell Phone
My old phone is slowly dying… crappy model it is x_x;; Oh well. It lasted me for a good six monthish. However, I am now the owner of this awesome new cell phone. Behold its SILVER colour! The sports car shape! And … the breathalyzer… Which is ironic since I do not drive…

It has the following features that I am well aware of:
* Camera phone @ 1.3 megapixels
* Remote Control feature for a LG tv which I do not have
* Two games
* 3D Avatar thingie
* Sobriety Test
* Calculator that even has those sine, cosine, tangent, square root, log, ln, exponential, degree, and rad fucntion!
* Stopwatch
* MP3 Player

I got this baby brand spanking new for 200,000 won ($200). Actual price was 250,000 won ($250) but I got a discount. A very nice discount. The case was 7,000 ($7). No more card phone though… and a new number. Makes me sad. x_x;; I now have a monthly plan thing. $35 bucks for a month, and I get 660 minutes with that. Of course if I go over it, I have to pay extra. Ah well. Not bad really, and I don’t call much with it anyways.

I almost bought this one phone for 210,000 won ($210). As I left to go to the ATM, my friend and I were like talking about brand new phones, and she told me that the phone I wanted to get was NOT new. I freaked out, went back and demanded for a new one. Unfortunately, to get a brand new one, I had to sacrifice quite a bit… like losing my old number, moving to a monthly phone plan, and losing the sliding capability.

Love the phone though. I just love it. First brand new phone I ever own in my entire life! The last three phones of mine were all second-hand. ^_^ And now I have internet access on it. Of course that cost a lot of money to use so watch me not use it.

Not a bad day at all… Quite different from usual. Prank gone awry, world cup fever, and getting a new cell phone. And getting 100,000+ hit to this site. Definitely a good day.


  1. Yikes, seems that prank really went out of hand! =O

  2. Popp's Lover on


    You better not love your phone more than you love

    me!! har har…~ Man, that prank was stupid..

    stupid boys.. >.

  3. hey you I’m sorry I haven’t been by to comment lately. Been waiting it out for my new domain. It’s finally up, and been wondering when you were going to get off msn messenger mobile so I can talk to you. Anyways, I’m talking to you right now so you know who this is. If not I’m from Anyways, I’m gonna go make some codes now. Talk to you later.

  4. I know you’ve told me before but I didn’t realize exactly how far ahead you are in time until just now. Your yesterday is my today! That’s kinda poetic.

    Senior pranks this year (most kids do them at different times) weren’t fantastic either, though they didn’t smell. Lots of water balloons/water guns/silly string (boring)–one boy tried to steal a door and another boy, three days in a row before someone caught him, dressed up as a troll and showed up in the windows.

    Congrats on the new phone! Mine cost about the same but it doesn’t have breath analyzer. :P

  5. yay go korea! it was a good game, korea were in control all the way.

    what does Dae Han Min Guk mean?

  6. Chibi Misao on

    I haven’t really been watching the World Cup games, but I might watch the final one. I just know that it’s pretty crazy that they allow ties so that both teams lose. I would’ve thought overtime would’ve been allowed.

    And LMAO at the breath analyzer. I’ve never heard of phones that have those, hahaha. Your phone looks super nice though :D

  7. Coronet on

    Yeah I heard about the senior prank BS from Peter. >_

  8. oh man! They really took that prank a little too far. Crap and soup in the hallway? c’mon. They’ll definitely be some backlash for that. Wow that cellphone is awesome!

  9. Lan-Anh on

    Wow, thats the dodgiest prank I’ve heard students do- the worse we ever did was throw eggs & flour!

    Congrats on Korea drawing in the football match yday- I knew they could do it! ^__^

  10. subSloth on

    Teach me visual basic 6. ;_;

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