COPE My Butt

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This is all the US government can do?

I mean seriously, is that all the US gov’t is capable of doing? Capable of making our lives miserable by restricting our freedom? Shite… this is BS. Each domain owner or owner of websites has to pay extra for their site to load fast? Well, so much for fucking broadband, eh? So much for having a 100 mb/s connection when I cannot load a page just because the owner of said page didn’t pay ISPs moola for premium service. *($#)#$))($#)_#

And of course, if I want my sites to show up fast, then I have to pay EXTRA to my host provider and they in turn hand the money to the ISPs. BLARGH!!!!

Money hungry $)*#)$*#)$#)_)#*$_)#$ of the House of Representatives! I hope Senate does not pass this ridiculous law.

Instead of passing laws that should matter, they just pass laws that mess with people’s lives. Grrrrr. This is NOT a nice news to wake up to.


  1. I’ve been avoiding blogs like this for days because I refused to accept that with all the things happening in the world. They pick the one thing that connects us all on one plane to focus on and try to restrict. This IS bullshit, and I’m INFURIATED.

  2. wow 100mbs. korea is so far ahead of the rest of the world o.O

    i wont even mention australia *cough* 24mbs in like 3 cities *cough*

  3. I didn’t know my comment was ambiguous but I am indeed upset with the people who are trying to ruin the internet, NOT YOU. I like ya! And I’m glad that you put the link up because otherwise it would have went under alot of peoples noses. And to think, when theres some minor thing going on they (the media) put it everywhere to scare the crap out of us. but this?? No easy to access news on the matter.

    So yeah, thanks and no I’m not infuriated with you! :)

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