Summer Is Coming

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The heat is coming. The humidity hasn’t really hit us yet, but oh man… it will.

I always hated the summer season. Sure, usually it means some form of break from school or from work, but the bathing in sweat is not my idea of fun. I’d rather be freezing my arse off than have a bath of salty, sticky sweat.

And the bugs? *shudders* I hate having itchy mosquito’s bites. Those are horrid. Why nature decided that it was a good idea to have these blood sucking annoyances is beyond me.

Then there’s rainy monsoon season. Personally, I like it when it rains during the summer because it cools down the temperature for a while. Unfortunately, after the rain stops hellish humidity attacks us.

I want winter again. I want the freezing wind blowing in my face. I want to constantly have my hand turn into ice since I don’t wear gloves usually. I want to be able to wear layers of clothings. *sighs*

Well, if I really want to freeze this summer, I can camp out in Dragon Hill Lodge or wherever it has freezing air conditioned rooms. XD


  1. Popp's Lover on

    yes.. i hate the summer too..

    I love the winter since I get to see you in your “green jacket”!!! =)

  2. subSloth on

    It’s cold here. And raining. =D

    I heard korea’s humidity is insane because of the dense population?

  3. Lan-Anh on

    Summe ronly comes for a few days a year in London so we all embrace it like its the best thing since sliced bread!
    Want to swap? :P

  4. I hope you have a good summer

  5. well… i sincerely hope your summer won’t be to miserable… as in less humidity, heat, and mosquitos. :)

  6. Oh dear. XD
    You have half a year to go. lol.

    Well, you COULD just stay in your house with air conditioning on at 32 degrees. ;)

    And monsoon= sucks very very very badly.
    Sure, it probably does cool everything down, but the humidity kills. Not to mention, when it’s humid AND hot, there’s no way of escaping anything. @_@ Thank god there’s no monsoon seasons here…

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