Hell Week and Catching Up

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Yes, HELL WEEK. Actually, this is the Part 2 of my hell weeks that began last week. Last week, from Monday to Saturday, I survived with 24 hours of sleep. I hope this week will be a bit more than that.

This hell week, I have my math final exam on Wednesday, psychology final exam on Saturday along with the research paper, and my online class Javascript assignment due Sunday. I’ve rediscovered something that I’ve known since my senior year of high school. I HATE PROGRAMMING. That includes Javascript. Give me XHTML/CSS over Javascript, Visual Basic, Java, and DHTML anytime, anyday. I cannot wait till this week is done with. I could use that one week break from school, even if it means I am not getting any days off in terms of work.

On a happier side, I finally got all my packages up to today. Suikoden 5 came in the mail, and I can’t wait till I play it. XD Along with Suikoden 4 if my friend remembers to bring it with him… Ah, happy gamer I am!

And the mangas I ordered I have read all of them: Sweet Revolution and Yellow 1-3. Along with the novelisation of Only the Ring Finger Knows, I am satisfied with my level of new slashiness. ^_^

Well, enough babbling. I have to start on my research paper.


  1. Lan-Anh on

    Wow, you seem like you’re having a very rough few weeks with all that stress. Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon- much quicker than you realise.
    Goodluck with the exams :)

  2. Good luck on your tests, papers, and assignments! I don’t think I could go a semester of school without at least one hell week. They’re against us, aren’t they ~.~;;

    Oh, I hear good things about Only the Ring Finger Knows. I want to get it too =)

  3. subSloth on

    I received poor marks in my photography and software design tests because all the nights in the week prior, were spent playing suikoden v, up til 2am. =)

  4. wow up to suikoden 5 already hey? I have 3 but never played it much, i couldnt stand the loading times.

  5. my lord! you’ve been super busy, wow… programming is tough and tedious. uh huh. hope things settle down soon…

  6. Tokki on

    I hear SuiV, surprisingly, doesn’t suck (very unlike the previous two chapters that came out).

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