Address Issues

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Various people are so against me this year in terms of mailing stuff to me. I would like to know why I am suddenly bombarded by people who keeps on screwing up my snail mail address?!

Remember that whole issue with my transcript not arriving on time from my Uni for the scholarship I was applying? The Uni folks had typoed my address causing it to not arrive in a week.

I ordered a package from somewhere, and they totally messed up my address causing it to not come till like three months late.

And now? On May 2, I ordered from two different places. Place A shipped a day earlier than Place B. Both of them are expedited speed. Place B’s package came within the proper time frame. Place A’s package arrived yesterday or today. The package had a lovely message on there that said “miss sent to Box 30.” I gawked at that, and then I saw that the company had inputed extra four digits to my zip code.

*CRASH* Okay. Maybe that extra four digits had nothing to do with it being missent to the wrong box. Maybe the military people misread my address and just made a mistake. But after my last two unpleasant experience where people keep messing up my address, and seeing that they did add those extra digit, it’s so easy to assume the company made a mistake.

Seriously, though, maybe I am cursed this year in terms of people not getting my address right. Strangely enough, Amazon does NOT screw up my address, and I get their packages right on time. The other places all print out my address the way it’s submitted, so I don’t know WHY they cannot be accurate. *sighs*

I am still expecting two more packages. I pray that my package containing Suikoden 5 do NOT get lost and come two months later. Unfortunately for me, they are from third party sellers. And even worse, the third party sellers are the ones who keep screwing up my address. *dies*

Anyways, I am happy to say that my Animorphs series is finally completed, and I got three new movies on dvds. They are: Beautiful Thing, Bent, and Brassed Off. Those are going to my “DVDs to watch” pile which is growing way too big. >_<;;


  1. Lan-Anh on

    I hate the postal service- when you least want it, things go wrong such as wrong address, missing postcode, dodgy postmen, lazy postmen, late letters etc etc *ARGH!* Well at least your items arrived safely if not late.

    BTW, how come your mail is sorted by the military??

  2. Morgan on

    I don’t bealive in mail anymore… but your luck is really something…

  3. Yingna on

    Aw…I never order online, so nothing ever gets screwed up with me o_O But, maybe it’s just a few bad months. Maybe after this, people won’t screw up anymore =D And third party sellers? Eck…but, they’re at least cheaper right? I would download whatever I’m ordering first if it does not arrive on time o_O I mean…you bought it anyway…=D

  4. Chibi Misao on

    Awww, I’m sorry about all your mail getting screwed up. Hope everything gets resolved! And woah, Animorphs. That was an awesome series (long, too, if I remember). I can’t remember what eventually happened to all of the animorphs. Hm.

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