UMUC Graduation 2006

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Today was the commencement day for Korea division of UMUC’s graduation. I only went to see my friend Jacquie graduate today. Oh and to hear the lovely string ensemble perform. ^_^

The graduation was kinda stupid this year. It felt more like a damn pep rally then anything else. It did not feel formal at all. x_x;; After I saw Jacquie walk up and get her “mock diploma”, I left to go seek out sanctuary in the band room and played the piano till it was over. Once over, I found Jacquie and then after some photo shoot, we went to Dragon Hill Lodge for the reception. Not bad of a food this time.

Then Jacquie’s family, Dave, Dale, Craig and I went to Sortino’s in Itaewon. We had a great Italian meal. Then Jacquie, Dale, Craig, and I went to Bless U to really celebrate. It was great fun. We had a nice number of drinks, with great music (where Dale and I created a playlist) and Craig and Jacquie played dart.

At 11 we called it quits since some of us still have work tomorrow, me in particular waking up at 6 am. x_x;;

I can’t wait till I get that stupid piece of paper proclaiming that I am a college graduate now…36 more credits to go. AUGH! Speaking of school, I discovered that I have less crap to work on this week for my Psychology class. While I still have my portfolio stuff to finish up, my research paper isn’t due till the last day of class on May 27. I think I can survive next week now. ^_^


  1. You shouldn’t be so eager to graduate… student life is the best. After graduation, it’s all downhill for most people! ;)

  2. Stella on

    My parents thought it was bad too. Dad said they wasted too much time talking about crap most people didn’t give a hell about. hahaha

    Our little party was wayyy better than the entire ceremony put together, hehehe

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