Another One Rides the Bus

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It’s a good thing I don’t experience motion sickness. Otherwise, I would have already puked on the buses many times by now.

Yes, I feel like I am living on a bus now. My new part-time job at Daechi-dong requires me to commute through an hour of Seoul’s traffic at least twice a week. Keep in mind, that’s 2+ hours a day for a roundtrip. Not fun. And then there’s that 2+ hours I spend on the bus on Saturdays going to Osan and coming back. Public transportation…gotta love ’em.

At least the trip to Daechi-dong is waaaaaaaay cheaper than my Osan one. It cost me $1.60 for a roundtrip to Daechi-dong and $9.20 for a roundtrip to Osan. That’s a huge difference. o_O I didn’t realise that till now. Ouch. Ah well.

Like I said, I am glad I do not get carsick. That would utterly suck for someone who has to commute often!


  1. Stella on

    Good, then you wouldn’t have to use a barf bag

  2. I travel for 90 minutes a day to and from work. Its a real pain in the ass, but not as bad as sitting on a bus for 2 hours though!

  3. Belinda on

    Ugh I hate travelling on public transport too… taking a bus from home to Uni takes MORE than 2 hours a day (there and back). >_

  4. Yingna on

    I get sick on long rides too…open the window if you can =D It helps.

  5. Michelle on

    Commuting sucks. I know. I use to commute about 2 hours when I was a temp. It use to drain my gas tank. Lucky for me now, it takes 15 to 20 mins. and I don’t spend a single dime. Best of luck with the new job.

  6. Kudarania on

    Ugh, I hate commuting. And … that is a HUGE difference in cost. Wow.

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