Fire, Anyone?

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Today was quite an exciting and unusual day. And no, it’s not the math test. What happened was something of a mini-fire at the school I work at. It occured in the Art room of the Art building.

Basically, I went into sub for half a day today, the morning half. When I was done, I went over to the Band room to talk with the teacher. Then, around noon, I headed off to another building and sought refuge in another classroom to study math.

Around 2:15, I went back to the Band room. When I got there, the Band teacher asked if I heard about the fire in the Art room. I ran to the room and saw it was empty with a heck of a lot of fire extinguisher dust there.

Apparently, what happened was that someone brought out a small kiln out from the kiln room. Then another student was using that torch thing to burn metal? Well, I am not sure what they are called, but you are required to wear a mask for that. Those rubber mask thing. Well, that person, after he finished it, put the mask on top of the kiln that was still on at 2000+ degrees. The mask melted and burned on top of the kiln. Thus the fire. Keep in mind, the sub had told them not to use it… the sub said that they did not feel comfortable with all these flammable activity going on.

The substitute for the Art teacher came by the Band room for a fire extinguisher. The Band teacher went along and helped put the fire out along with another teacher. The end results? Two fire extinguishers were used and the whole damn room smells AWFUL. Half of the room had the dust all over the place. We are not sure if the computers will work now with all that damn being produced.

Even though I wasn’t in charge of the Art classes and that I wasn’t there when it actually happened, I am still shaken up by this. I almost, ALMOST was going to sub for this teacher this week, but I turned it down mostly due to the new part-time job I started. …Boy, am I glad I did. Otherwise it would have been me in the room, and I would have freaked out.

So yes, a fire. What’s really messed up was that when they called the fire department, they said that there was a car fire on the other post, so that they cannot come quickly. Um, geez. School versus car fire. Apparently the car comes first. It’s a good thing the fire was put out by those two teachers, otherwise, by the time the fire truck arrived, it would have burned the whole building down except for the Band room, the only place in that building with a sprinkler system.

*shakes head* What a day. And what a situation. I know that if I ever sub for an Art teacher, I am not allowing ANYONE near anything FLAMMABLE. No matter how responsible that student is, they are not doing anything that will burn something down.


  1. Lan-Anh on

    Wow, thats so fortunate that you didn’t sub for the other teacher. Its a good sign :)

    Was there a lot of damage?

  2. I can believe why they went for the car first, but what I cannot believe is that they onlt have once crew on duty and no one availible for backup in case disaster strikes.

    Geez louis, that’s fucked.

  3. Stella on

    Damn…whose car was on fire that he or she got the priority?! Stupid asses…

  4. subSloth on

    o_O You should stop smoking. You might accidentally light the band room and ruin your mobile phone.

  5. Wow, that’s crazy. I would be freaked out if I had to deal with a fire ^.^;; Kind of reminds me of the time there was a small fire in our Computer Science building. A rat electrocuted itself by chewing through a wire O.o;;

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