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I should feel accomplished by the fact that I was so productive today, yet I don’t. I guess I am just too exhausted to care. Other than work, where I played nice-nice with the students (…as nice as I can get), I completed most of my math homework while working. After failing that test (a wondrous 56%!), I am gonna see if trying the homework help, which doesn’t really since I still can’t get the hang of the damn problems. I cannot believe we are actually covering imaginary numbers. I certainly did NOT touch that in high school, so it’s a bit confusing. x_x;; Yes, the exam score is awful. *sighs* At least, the teacher is letting us redo the ones we got wrong for half credits. So if I redo everything and get them correct, I shall get a 78. Unfortunately, she said she’s not doing this for our next two test, so I’m gonna try to aim for a 70 for the next two. Kill me.

After work, I went to Sarah’s classroom and helped her paint these thing. Hey, I am actually proud of this activity! I actually can paint decently! XD Then again, the thing I painted was like a life-sized human drawn on paper, so the larger, the more easier it is comes to my mind.

Then, she and I walked to Itaewon’s McDonald and pigged out there. We talked about this and that, and what we are planning on Sunday. Woot. We’re gonna go to the Buddha’s birthday celebration in downtown Seoul. Should be interesting. Let’s hope she gets that lantern she’s been wanting since last year. Apparently, she went last year and went too late, so she never got that free lantern she keeps gushing about. XD It’s kinda funny about how enthusiastic she’s being over this whole lantern situation. ^_^;;

Soon, we parted, and I came home. Went straight to the computer, and I ended up updating my mp3 rotation site. Now, I don’t have to worry about updating that thing for the next couple weeks. God… now to hit the showers and SLEEP. I forgot how difficult it is getting up at 6 every morning and then work till 3. AND AUGH! My Psychology exam is this Saturday! … I nearly forgot. *dies* Not a good week. ARGH! Okay, I need sleep.


  1. Unless you’re doing some creepishly hard thing with imaginary numbers, they’re pretty easy once you get the hang of it =D Actually, I’ve never really done much with imaginary numbers before besides the a+bi things and the i^2, i^3, etc. and how much they are. And the imaginary axis. Other than that, I don’t know what else there is. Hehe. But, good luck on the next test!

    And ah…a celebration o_o Sounds fun =D Get those lanterns!

    Updating websites…I always spend way too much time on doing it…that’s why I am going to take a break. Hehe, anyway, I hope you get more sleep =D Sleep = good

  2. Ahn nyeong haseyo!

  3. whoa my love.. a 56%?!? that’s awful… HAHAHAHA..J/P!!! aigoo..Not everyone is good at Math so dont feel bad. I mean, I’m not good in English. You prob kick my sexy butt in English. haha~ I hate grammar and all that rules in writing so english is not my thinG!! Btw, howz your new boyfriend? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!

  4. haha thanks for the comment, made my day and glad you like them ^_~. Anyways, sounds like you had a fun time. I wish I could have one. But meh, you can’t have your cake and eat it too as they always say.

  5. Why thank you for the comment. I’m glad you like the new layout. I’m not sure what crispiness you’re talking about, but that’s the way the picture was when I did it in photoshop. But anyways, I guess I could’ve compressed it. But I like it the way it is.

  6. Chibi Misao on

    Bah. We had to learn imaginary numbers in high school, but I don’t recall having to use them since. Oh well. I hope you do well on your next tests!

    I also want to see what these lanterns look like, haha.

  7. ah I’m commenting again, someone stop me! har har har…just kidding….I know the classes will go well; it’s a computer class so it should be a breeze to pass, and if I get in than the nerves will go away…it’s just that I’m nervous that i might not get the class and will have to sit at home again on my butt doing nothing again over the summer. I’m hoping it’s not going to be like that. Anyways, I’m glad you’re still coming to my site, and I your’s. TOo bad enth 3 didn’t work.

  8. Coronet on

    Hey, I hear that. I got a 55% on one of my math tests this semester. Thankfully, I think my professor is going to drop the lowest test score, but hey…

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