Phantasy Star 4 FL & ToP Anime

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Well, I finally finished that website I said I was going to work on in the previous entry. Here’s my newest fanlisting: Final Showdown: Phantasy Star 4. XD Since that’s the first RPG I’ve ever played, that’s probably a real good reason why I am still in love with that game. And having cute bishies help!

Aside from that, I squealed like a maniac earlier on, which scared my mum, and it was all because of the last episode of Tales of Phantasia OVA. The last ep finally got fansubbed. I. Be. Happy. XD XD XD Whee!


  1. I’m not a huge fan of final fantasy, but I do try to play it every now and than…but now I hardly care about it. But either way it’s beautiful as always. And thanks for the comment :).

  2. subSloth on

    *MY* first rpg? Pokemon. o_o

    Nice fan listing~

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