Simplest Things

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Yesterday was a great example on how the simplest things made my day and un-made my day.

* While walking to Dragon Hill Lodge, I was talking to Sarah on my cellphone, and I looked down. Lo and behold, I found a 1000 won bill, equivalent to about $1 USD. Kind of like finding a penny but with more value. ^_^ Not everyday do I find money on the ground. Of course my greedy side was saying, “too bad it wasn’t like ten bucks or something.” Ah well.

* I was picked for the “Consider Yourself Quoted” at Rice Bowl Journals. How awesome is that? :3 If my stuff is deemingly quotable, then I guess it is!

* Dealing with a tough class always puts me on the edge. Being a substitute teacher wears me out on certain days. Yesterday was one of them. Even though the teacher warned me about the class, I still was hoping it’d be easier than she said. Nope. I changed my tactics; made them do more work than the teacher originally assigned, and said if you don’t do it, I’ll give detentions after school. Bottom of the line, I talked to the teacher after school, and she approved what I did with them. Then she said what I didn’t expect to hear, “With just that one class, you definitely earned your half-day pay.” That made me feel better.

* Then, still feeling like crap, I went to the band room and pounded away on the piano. That made me feel heck of a lot better. Playing the piano is a great stress reliever. Actually playing any instrument is.

* The Math exam was a pure waste of my effort. I didn’t finish most of the problems, having the case of brain fart, and it took me almost two hours to do complete only like 13 problems out of 25. I be pathetic… *sighs*

* All in all, some things made my day, and some things somewhat ruined it. Ah well. Now to work on my online class assignment and make a new fanlisting. If I can get in the mood.


  1. If I was in yer place, I think I’d only be able to do four problems in two hours. Math fucks up yer brain yo.

  2. Lan-Anh on

    Its rare where we can have a perfect day. As long you you get pleasures out of simple things in life then thats all that counts- its what happiness is about! ^__^

  3. that a nice thing to find a little money on the street… and playing piano is such a stress reliever, yes. :o)

  4. Chibi Misao on

    That’s a really great quote that they decided to use :) I was reading your previous entry, and it took me a minute to remember what factoring was *embarrassed* I used to hate math, too, but you kinda get used to after a few years ^o^

    Glad you’re having such a great day!

  5. Chibi Misao on

    *Ahaha, sorry, I’m so sleep deprived. I meant I’m glad there are so many things that make your day a little brighter even when some things go wrong.

  6. subSloth on

    Aw, poor substitute teacher.

    Hope you get well~

  7. Thanks for the comment :) I’m glad you like the new layout even if it’s just a little bit lol. I too hope that the results turns out good. And finding money laying on the ground is always fun except for when they tape it to the ground and you can’t pick it up. My dad and I went to this one shop for cars and stuff, and there was a a $.25 cent down on the ground I tried picking it up and it wouldn’t budge I felt so embarrassed,because the owner superglued it to the ground lol. But anyways, thankfully it wasn’t superglued to the ground. lol.

  8. Lady Athena on

    Math=teh evil

    And I know how those days feel. Ugh, it’s been like that for me all week. Anyway, hope you have more ups than downs in the days to come! ^_^

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